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Saturday, December 31, 2011

They went on TV and used Iraq as a distraction. Dr.York was the one they truly blamed for 9/11. Its a Metaphysical War. Neva pay attention to wat you see. They tortured him and his fam while we cried ova the World Trade and we were suppose to celebrate the fall of the Money that keeps us chasing Dead President Photos. Wen Dr.York decoded the Holy Books he opened da gate way aka the Seals in Revelations. After he did that, every Indigenous Soul on this Planet that wanted to know the Truth from the bottom of there was able to find it and it would be up to them to find their ways home or stay in the Matrix of oooo look at that and ahhhh this tastes good or feels good or sounds good. Our HeavenlyFam is here waiting 4 orders but we keep acting like Humans so they think thats what we want. The Bible and the rest of the Ancient text has no Physical meaning at all because by the time it reaches the physical, it defies Gravity and every law known in History. This video just showed you that there was 6 Million people in the KKK so what the hell do you think is going on now? I'm not telling you to get a gun or to say that you want to be equal because we have done that and those were our Ancestors warning them about whats next. I.E. Malcolm X, Tupac & Biggie, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Farrakhan  Black Panthers, Crips, Bloods, MS 13, Latin Kings, Witches, Shamans, Bruce Lee and the list continues on for weeks! All of these groups were neither Good or Evil, they were only Components that has built a grater body and I'm not the only one, I just don't want anyone to feel they were never told that they were able to do the same! The point is, we don't have to fight anything physically. Once we change our ways of thinking and living and stop Worshiping all together, the pieces to put together the end of this fake reality is all over the Planet waiting for the current Indigenous population to remember who they are and Know it with out a doubt. Just a easy as you thought you knew Life was fun until you realized that Adults just say that to hide whats really coming when you turn that special age. I am giving everyone I know personally a fair warning before I go full speed. I have tested some things out and the results are staggering. I can't help those who want to be part of a life of complete deception day by day because a Illusion isn't even there in the first place so how can we fix what never was?. If you want to go down wit it, stay right where you at and continue to think for your Masters but it will be over and none of the Ancestors will care who dies and how they die because you didn't care for them when they came and spoke through loud and clear telling that Death is an Illusion all over the Mysterious Wonders Of The Planet Earth. But since the only thing everyone want to chase is Photograph Of Dead Men then so be it. I won't be testing out anything this time, it's all direct blows. Theres no where to Hide when you have to answer to the sky! Everything will move forward or get pushed forward in bust or flux. We have seen all of the things we don't want in this School/Planet and now when can Create the Place that the Desires of our Hearts(Ancestors) have been yearning for.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I just saw a video of countless Queens getting beaten and humiliated by so called, "Law Enforcement." I could have sat back and remained calm about the situation but in this case I decided to snap. Not to dwell on the subject or promote chaos but to condemn those who reject knowledge and wisdom. Also to show the youth who listen to me that there is a way to fight beyond the physical. See, we Ancient ones don't have to physical engage with a robot to reprogram it or turn it against itself. The truth of the matter is all the people who are standing on top of Females and Brainwashing the seeds of them are going to be revealed for what the really are and what they are truly about. We don't need to question people anymore to see if the are worthy. All we have to do now is simply look into their eyes. All lies will be destroyed! That may sound good but here's what you should know about the Truth. The truth hit harder than the lie. According to my calculations, people cling to lies more than they even attempt to get the truth. All the answers are sitting right in our faces. It's only the fake you that you think you are that tricks you into supporting a Slow Suicide. You slave the existence out of yourself and replace your existence with COUNTERFEIT REASONING which is another type of Mind Control! You've been taught to ask questions and except the answers your given only from the man in the Suit & Tie and not I.

What are you waiting for, a invitation? Do you really think that these Greedy Vikings built all of these Corporations out of waiting for you to agree to slave for them? Do you think they care what you say or understand day by day? Are we really so stupid that we can't see that we are not in fear of what these Vikings can do if we live free but that we were and some of us still are under MIND CONTROL? Seems like something out of a movie huh? Exactly and that's the sad part about it. We have been living this life like it has purpose for us and our families and it only serves illusion. It has gone so far that even Logic and Freedom are slaves to their false definitions. It would be tragic if all this was permanent but it's not. There's a way out of the BS and it's very simple. The key to the cage is right before your very decisions you make everyday. Simply changing what you tell yourself you have to do to be successful can make success chase you down and turn your life into a fun magical journey. Don't worry about belief, I have already believed for and I have enough to share with Multiple Universes. Go for what you want to know and not what you think you know from what you been told to know. If things don't make sense to you, it's probably because you need to be the sense and put some of your sense into to the emptiness. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It doesn't take much to recognize these Queens and what they are going through. Yes, we are ruling the World over here but damn man, can anyone do a video for them or a song or a poem or even spit on the Voting boofs next election? I guess nobody can feel anymore huh? It's all good cause when they start  stompin the Women out in the US, I'ma just record it and send it to Egypt since ya'll motha F's think it's a Movie, I'll direct for ya. No more warnings America, I'ma bring it to the back doors of everyone who seems to think right and wrong have proper definitions. Starting today, America will be targeted by Energies from Above and Below Sea Level & Space. If you not with me, just close you eyes and act like I don't exist but know that I'm a real soldier for the real Queens upon the Heavens. Only a fool would try to test my birth rite. Get ya candles!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DNA- The Polaric Dance & Hyperdrive

They tell you to only fear GOD. Now check this out-If GOD truly means EVERYTHING and you

followed that law, you would end up afraid of.........Everything. This is how they tricked 86% of

the youth into thinking they have to turn into light. We already mastered light, this is a devolving

trick to knock you back into the same cycle. How can you say your going to transform into

something New and proceed to chase something that already exists? How can you think your the

creator of something that someone else told you or gave you? (Answer:MIND CONTROL) True

creation comes out of NOTHING! They are always prepared for this stuff and if you take the bait

from their hands and say it was your creation, their job is complete cause you'll do the rest.

Thanks for visiting my Blog! Enjoy!

DNA(Daily Newz Alert)-The Dangers Of Thinking For People

Thinking for other people is a ability that everyone has. This is given to us by our Morphic Fields. It's very easy to access when you are using your Ego or when you want to be seen by people a certain way. The reason we don't decide to purposely use it is cause someone a longtime ago decided to use it for us in order to sustain the Artificial Economy that your looking at today. A way to test this out is by being humiliated over and over again but by choice, not by surprise. This is how comedians are able to know exactly what to say and how to say it. They perform acts and say personal things that you would laugh at but you would never do the same for the fear of embarrassment or humiliation. Check out the concepts I used in this video, they should help you learn to manipulate yourself and the thoughts that invade your Morphic Field. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The words we speak have a secret meaning behind them that confuses the brain. It's been a long ride and the transportation is at it's end. It's up to us to reconsume the energy that we released and redefine the meaning behind each sound that comes out our mouths. The way you see the World is the way you've been taught to see the World. The Earth does not belong to Mankind, it belongs to the Females and it was them who allowed us to come about and take the challenge of Life. Though it may seem like a fun game, it comes with a Boatload of Responsibility. There can be no life with out our creators and all the slaughtering of their Essentials must stop NOW! Looking the other way won't help you forget what message we bring from the Darkside. There's a reason why the Rulers of your Illusionary World place horns on everything that may seem powerful or questionable. This is why the Female is shut up and used as a object instead of being Praised for the birth of Billions of children. When it all comes tumbling down, a few good men will make it out and be crowned. If your a female and your reading and watching these messages, get up and take your Planet back because it doesn't belong to Mankind. It was stolen from you and you have the Power of Spirituality so there's no need to be afraid of the Man's Physical strength for his physical strength is nothing but a Illusion, a reflection of the true strength that is hidden behind the sounds, Wife, Lady, Woman, Slut, Whore, Bitch, Witch, Smut, Cunt, Hoe, Girl, Princess, Queen, Mommy,(Mummy)Goddess, She, Her...etc Do away with all these titles.